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kottayam style chicken biryani recipe

Add few coriander and mint leaves as well. Now, I'm a peace-loving person and didn't want to disagree with WordPress ;). If you are planning to make Biryani for Eid, please do try this. Remove from fire, mix well with a wooden spoon and set aside. I also hope 300 will come faster ;). My rice was ready in 7 mins. Hence I wrote it like that in the recipe. Thanks so much! Follow the Exact Recipe and Tips given and I am sure this Restaurant Style Chicken biryani will make you crave for countless times. Twinsy. :) actually urs is the frst blog i search fr recipes nwadays,,, thanks a ton again dear…. ur recipe is grt All the best! Kerala Style Biryani With Chicken Or Mutton is a tasty biryani preparation that can be easily prepaared at home. Really happy to know that you liked the biriyani recipe. Yes I do blindly believe in the recipes here. hii mariyechi, super recepie…i was searching a good recepie of biriyani to prepeare in this easter….thank you so much…tomarrow i will post the photos here..thanks. Please do continue to try the recipes.. Nadan chicken biriyani is one of my favorites. Both turned out really well. I gave all the credit to you though:), P.S: My mum in law is the best Malayali cook ever and she asked me for this recipe so you can imagine how awesome your recipe is:), I was really thrilled to read your comment, thank you so much :), Great to know that the recipe was a hit with your family. Wash chicken and add red chili powder, salt and ½ tsp ginger garlic paste and mix well and marinate for 15 mins In mean time soak rice and boil more water with mint and coriander and whole spice Now add rice and cook till 70% and drain out Heat pan with ghee and fry cashew and raisins and keep aside and drain ghee Making of Chicken Masala: Clean chicken and cut into medium or big pieces and wash it thoroughly. I got loads of compliments from friends too…all thanks to you. This dish Is Very Popular. We have tried-tasted many many restaurants biryani dish and have ended up with only disappointment. Maria, we are all big fans of your recipes. Here it is “Finally” :) Thank you for helping me to hit the double century, I owe it to YOU big time :). Everyone from my parents to in laws were drooling over it and I had a big proud smile on my face. 1. Your website & recipes are really a blessing. I thought ok, let's go ahead with 200! I have tried another biriyani recipe without frying chicken & it worked. When the chicken is almost done and the gravy has dried, add the cashew paste. Ingredients 3 garlic cloves 1" ginger 1 big green chilly 1/2 tsp ground But after checking u’r blog and trying out a few recipes from here has changed my attitude toasted cooking. Wanted to try this out using 1kg rice and 2kg chicken, I always loved the red masala :)), You are using the same qty of rice mentioned in the recipe, right? Giving credit won’t hurt :). I have been a silent reader of this blog and have tried out several recipes from here. way to go dear!! However when I cook mutton normally it comes out soft, I guess it becomes hard when you overcook it. The biryani is cooked in dum in an oven and it makes it fool proof. The whole masala referred in the above sentence is cardamom, cloves & cinnamon, listed under the ‘for rice’ list in the ingredients. In a oven proof dish, grease your cooking dish and spread half of the mutton masala and with some cooked rice, 3. You can prepare chicken biriyani also using the same recipe. Boil water first  (the water level should be 3-4 inches higher than the rice)& then add washed rice (no need to soak) & cook till the rice is 3/4th cooked. Yor chicken biriyani is superb,easy to prepare and sooooooooo……….delicious.I tried it many times and it came out well…. And I love all your recipes, photos and the detailing is too good. Please keep up the great work, you’re God send to people like me. Thanks Elza :) Great to know that biriyani came out well for you. Set aside. Please do try out other recipes too when you have time. Cutting the Chicken , cleaning and chicken Marination can be done the previous night and can be refrigerated . :) Soak the rice in water and keep aside for 2 hours. hai Maria however i couldnt get whole chicken, i had boneless chicken and am trying my hands on that,, i have marinated it enough, i hope it turns out like normal bone-in chicken biryani… i’ll update on the taste and comments tomorrow. Dhanya, thanks a ton dearie for trying this and also for leaving a comment here. A comment will be visible on the site, only after it’s approved from the admin side. Most chicken biryani recipes add cream or yoghurt in the marinade, but this recipe only uses dry ingredients. Ingredients for Biryani – basmati rice (wash and rinse the rice twice in water and soak the rice for 30 minutes in a bowl filled with enough water) , whole almonds, oil , ghee /clarified butter, whole green cardamom ,cinnamon stick,  clove, whole green chillies, finely chopped onions , ginger and garlic paste and salt. One Pot Cooking Recipe With Step By Step Detailed Instructions And Pictures To Follow. How To Cleaning the Chicken – Cut the chicken thighs or whole chicken to 1 to 2 inch pieces and put it into a bowl and add all ingredients under cleaning the chicken – Add 1 tsp turmeric powder , 2 tsp yogurt / curd , 2 tblspn white distilled vinegar,1 tsp salt , cut chicken pieces and add water until the chicken is totally immersed. Love. Hope you could take a snap next time, would love to see it. Ingredients for Marination - Cleaned Chicken pieces , 10 tsp yogurt /curd, 1 tsp pepper powder, 2 medium sized tomatoes (roughly chop them and only whip in the mixie / food processor just once or twice- do not fully puree it), juice of 1 medium sized lemon, 1 cup fresh mint leaves /pudina , 1/2 cup cilantro leaves /kothamalli , 4 tsp plain red chilli powder, 1 tblspn ginger and garlic paste, 4 tsp salt and 1 tsp turmeric powder. So good to know that chicken biriyani recipe worked out well for you :). Other Suggestions – Also can be served with boiled eggs and salna (plain chicken curry) , Any meat curry / gravies. Happy cooking! So I never bothered collecting or going through any other biriyani recipe. May be you can prepare the chicken masala one day in advance and make rice the next day :), tried ur biriyani..cameout well.i used mint leaves 4 garnishing&while making masala also..thanks, Thanks dear! Just to tell you that I love and trying your recipes and more over I love to read your description prior to recipe. Thanks for the comment and also for the pic. Allow it to simmer for a while. So there can be some similarity. PS: Your recipes are the best! I’m so glad that the biriyani came out well & was appreciated by your husband. I guess the frying part makes the mutton hard, not sure though…. Wish you and your family a Happy & Blessed New Year! I havent tried this recipe with mutton and for that matter I havent tried frying mutton at all. I know…it took me almost 4 years to hit double century, the run rate is really sad :(. I have been looking out for a good biryani recipe for a longgg time as my hubby is a HUGE chicken biryani fan (Its like a ritual… friday lunch just has to be chicken biryani for him) and finallly I have heard his sigh of contentment after trying out this recipe :) Thank you so muchhhh! I’ve tried most of the beef,prawns,mutton and Chicken biriyani from your blog..Just love it! Hope you get to try it soon and like it too.. hi maria Finally I make it and my wife loved it.A laborious recipe(arent they all) but it came out well,so alls well that ends well. Please check it out.. hi maria sorry for the delayed reply… you can also do that way. i wanted to make it. Anyways, please share your feedback, if you happen to try this. Set aside. Many special moments in my life seem to take place around the people who love to eat. The timing may vary depending on the brand. Please say my thanks to your sis also for recommending the site to you :), Hi Mam, Just saw the picture, thank you for sharing. Thanks for your recipes and you will be surely remembered this Xmas. Make sure the flame is in medium and stir in between, so the masala doesn’t get burnt at the bottom. Refrigerate the storing box on the inner side – away from the refrigerate door. I belong to those group of people who hate cooking , just because I didn’t know how to cook. Its a pleasure to know that you visit this space regularly & try recipes. Thanks for the comment! Thank you so much :) Glad that you like the recipes here. Kottayam Style Chicken Curry is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Curries. hello… Heat oil in a pan. Kids always want to make sure the recipe is from “Maria”. Thank you very much for trying it and also for posting the comment here :). Sprinkle some chopped coriander & mint leaves, fried onion, cashew and raisins (if using) and drizzle some ghee. Later, add the chicken-curd-onion mix and mix well I’ll try to add more chicken recipes as & when I try good ones. Thanks a ton Ruby, for such a wonderful feedback :). I came to your blog quite by chance a few months ago. Thank u for such a unique recipe, The best biriyani I ever had and ever prepared In a cooker, add the chicken fried oil and fry half of the sliced onions. are so realistic that give us a feeling that we already have made & had them ourselves. Its great to know that the biriyani was liked by your family. How to make kolkata special chicken biryani with step by step pictures, try this best awadhi flavoured dum pukht style bengali biryani recipe with aloo. You are welcome :) Thanks for the comment! Also belated wedding annniversary wishes from my side….. I’m super thrilled to see the list of recipes you’ve tried from this place, thanks a ton :). Yes,she really liked it and sends her compliments,but I would prefer it a bit more masaledar.Any tips on how to do so?Ta, Thanks to your wife for the compliments :), Yeah, biriyani always tastes nice after 1 or 2 days…. Set aside. Add 1/2 cup water and cover and cook the chicken. Mix well, cover, and leave it to marinate in the fridge for two hours. The top layer should be of rice. This really needs technique & expertise to get done right, which is why Hyderabad has acquired such a rich repute for their unique traditional method. !Three cheers to you,it is not the run rate but the performance which counts..alle?I love your simple recipes and I’m going to try out the Cinnamon Tea Cake soon..maybe today itself:), Great to see your 200th blog :).. Like to read your comments and all the stories..since you write it the way your thoughts flow, it is almost like a conversation.. Also In the Recipe Card (Below) you can Adjust the serving size . Hope you saw it. I am planning to make this for lunch when some friends come over and making it the previous day will be really helpful. Marinate the cleaned chicken pieces with the marination ingredients and keep for half an hour. Refrigerate immediately if you have any leftover . 3. am yet to try this one out… but many thanks………. hi maria,,  we followed so many youtube food recipe.. but we didnt got dat much success atlast we got ur blog..:) If the rice and chicken are to be cooked until they are done according to your recipe, then what is the need of baking them together for another 20-25 mins. Bring it to boil. Also comments like your’s is a great motivation for me to continue blogging, thanks again :). in any case the mutton in my dishes always become hard, some basic mistake i guess. It’s a pleasure to know that you find this place helpful. Thank you So Much for posting in this. Only sad that there wasn’t a lot left. Hope you get to try this biriyani sometime & like it too…, The chicken biriyani came out really well. hi maria Bring it to boil. Hands down the best chicken biryani i have had. Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here. U R JUST GIRL NEXT DOOR OR A BEST FRIEND WHOM WE CAN REACH OUT TO WHENEVER IN CONFUSION OR TROUBLE. The recipe came out quite good. Now I am proud of myself. Now add 1 tblspn heaped ginger and garlic paste and saute for a minute/ until the raw smells goes. Also I’ve used only 5 1/4 cups of water for cooking the rice. However one of my friends mentioned in a previous comment that in Malabar biriyani also they fry chicken pieces. Also flavors in the chicken deepens from the marinade. An Indian one pot meal. All your other recipes are superb as well.. i have tried out most of the chicken ones especially ..sorry i havent been able to leave a comment everywhere yet.. each recipe leaves me at a loss for words usually…i do look forward to seeing more recipes from you…. If you dont have an oven to bake the biriyani, do the following method. Now add the marinated chicken with all the masala / marinade and saute well until you see oil starts to ooze out on the sides of the masala ( oil starts to separate ) from the chicken masala/ marinade. Btw, the cook can also take credit for the biriyani :). Thanks Helen :) Yes, you can add that. Cook till the chicken is done. Pls check out the recipe index to see more recipes: Hi maria, which brand basmati rice is good for making biriyani.i used to make with jeerakashaala rice but now i would like to try any other brand. You are welcome dear! I use Kohinoor brand Basmati rice for biriyani. And the reason I am posting this comment after 4 days of making it is, I had frozen some of it and reheated and had for lunch just now.

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